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Our Mission

Empower IVF Labs with Uncompromising Precision And Patient Safety.

About LabProtector

LabProtector™ is an innovative and advanced software solution specifically engineered to enhance the operational efficiency and patient safety in IVF labs. 

This cutting-edge technology offers a comprehensive suite of features meticulously designed for the accurate monitoring of patient gametes, including sperm, oocytes  and embryos. 

Among its standout features, LabProtector™ boasts a real-time tracking software that enables the seamless follow-up of patient cells, significantly reducing the risk of erroneous connections between gametes of unrelated patients. 

The software’s automated detection and alert system play a pivotal role in preventing and promptly rectifying any mistakes, ensuring that IVF procedures are conducted with the highest levels of safety, precision, and efficiency. 

LabProtector™ emerges as a vital tool in the realm of assisted reproductive technology, safeguarding the integrity and success of fertility treatments.

Only in LabProtector:
Triple Technology Layers

Realtime Process Tracking​

LabProtector's first level of shield ensures security through precise monitoring and control of process time, enhancing accuracy and reliability in laboratory procedures.​

Visual unique codes​

LabProtector's second level of shield employs advanced barcode technology to fortify data integrity, enabling seamless tracking and identification of specimens for enhanced laboratory management.​

Labelled Safe RFID​

LabProtector's third level of shield utilizes labeled Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, providing an additional layer of security by enabling real-time, automated tracking and management of lab assets with increased efficiency and accuracy.​

LabProtector™ in Laboratories

Our comprehensive solution tracks and manages various tests, from biopsies taken in the operating room or clinic office to blood samples collected in the clinic. 

Our software provides complete monitoring and tracking of each step in the testing process, starting from the moment a sample is taken until the results are delivered to the attending physician and laboratory technician. We understand the importance of timely delivery, and our software immediately sends an alert if a test fails to reach its destination within the predefined time frame. Our software continuously tracks the sample, and if it goes missing at any stage, an immediate alert is raised to quickly enable to pinpoint the last station where the sample was seen and assist in locating the sample.

Our software produces reports on open tests, making it easy for physicians and laboratory technicians to manage all ongoing tests. With our lab management software, you can streamline the testing process, ensure prompt follow-up of results, and provide the best possible care for your patients.

You can trust our software to keep you informed and updated on the progress of every sample throughout its journey, including shipping to the destination laboratory, receiving in the laboratory, performing the analysis, and updating all partners during the process until the final results are provided.

It is optional for the attending physician to receive each test result directly, and an automatic notification is sent to the patient in case of a normal test outcome. If the results are abnormal, the patient is promptly notified to contact their doctor, and continuous notifications are sent to the attending physician and patient to ensure timely follow-up if a patient misses their appointment.

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Deep EMR integration

Seamlessly integrate LabProtector with any Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system.

Flexible Deployment

Select between a fully functional on-premises LabProtector system or a cloud-based LabProtector system.

Precise Monitoring

LabProtector ensures vigilant specimen tracking, seamlessly installed for real-time monitoring.

LP in IVF Labs

Introducing LabProtector™, an advanced software solution designed to optimize the performance of IVF labs. With a comprehensive suite of features, LabProtector ™ provides accurate and efficient monitoring of patient gametes, including sperm, eggs, and embryos. 

One of the most prominent advantages LabProtector’s is a real-time tracking software which enables following patient’s cells, and prevents erroneous connections between gametes of unrelated patients. By automatically detecting and alerting users to any mistakes, LabProtector ™ helps ensure that IVF procedures are performed safely, accurately and efficiently.

Our Core Features


Real-Time Tracking

Precise monitoring and control of process time, enhancing accuracy and reliability in laboratory procedures.​


Safe Lock

Lock & mirror stations for the same patient to prevent errors, ensuring thorough patient tube checks.

Smart Patient Scheduling

Effortlessly coordinate patient arrivals, providing lab directors a clear overview.

Third Party Integration

LabProtector ™ integrates seamlessly, adopting diverse codes for efficient tracking and patient safety.

Cryo Inventory Management

Streamline cryopreservation: automated or manual straw placement with system guidance.

PGT Support

LabProtector ™ aids PGT, streamlining embryo testing for healthy implantation.

Inventory Management

inventory management system that automatically initiates orders for items falling below predefined minimum levels.

AI Statistic Reports

AI-generated stats on secure servers assure confidentiality; customize reports as needed.

Precise Monitoring

LabProtector monitors every step in the IVF process, from front desk to lab procedures, treatments, and cryo preservation, including cryo storage management.






To prevent human errors, LabProtector has developed Lab Protector Safe RFID stickers.

These stickers, in addition to the patient’s details and a visual code for scanning, also include an internal RFID tag. This adds an extra layer of protection by automatically identifying the entry of each collection instrument into the workspace, in cases where it is not scanned due to human errors.



Safety Shields

LabProtector has 3 levels of shields to each gamet:

  • Real time Process Tracking 
  • Barcodes
  • Safe RFID

LabProtector Safety Shields

4. Facial Recognition System

LabProtecor has multiple options for identifying patients:

  1. ID #.
  2. Fingerprints
  3. Facial Recognition

Lab Protector is capable of identifying them these ways.


More Than Witnessing

Each collection instrument is marked with a unique single-use code.

The system tracks the movement of every collection instrument in real-time, documenting when it enters and exits an area.

The check-in process for the workstation is done through a quick code scan.

Virtual timers are attached to each collection instrument, ensuring that procedures follow laboratory protocols.

6. LabProtector Real Time

We add a virtual timer on every specimen. If the specimen isn’t where it should be at any given time, you will get alerted.


Safe Lock

LabProtector’s Safe Lock system secures the operating room exclusively for the specific treatment, preventing the collection of samples from other patients.

The procedures performed in the operating room are reflected in parallel in the laboratory workstation, ensuring perfect synchronization between the operating room and the laboratory for maximum safety.

  • In the operating room, the patient’s code is scanned, and LabProtector’s screen displays real-time information, including the patient’s photo and personal details.


The LabProtector dashboard at the central lab shows real-time status updates for all workstations, details of each patient, and the current location of every collection instrument.

Cryo Inventory Management

LabProtector fully manages the cryobank and optimizes the arrangement of the freezers, with precise control over frozen inventory.

Queue Flow

LabProtector displays a comprehensive list of all patients treated in the lab on the same day, along with past and future stages of their treatment process. The lab manager has secure access to monitor processes remotely.

EmbryoScope & Third Party Systems

The lab works with multiple systems, some of which also generate single-use codes, like the embryoscope. To avoid wasting time and the risk of attaching multiple stickers to each collection instrument, LabProtector adopts single-use codes from other systems and incorporates all necessary safety mechanisms.

Automatic Cryo Preservation Label Printing

The system seamlessly interfaces with the lab’s label printer for cryo preservation. Patient data, treatment details, and the frozen content are automatically printed without manual input. Each label is printed with a unique LabProtector system code for individual coding of each embryo and oocyte.


The system supports PGT processes and is the only one globally that automatically links the sent sample for testing to the embryo itself. Consequently, when test results are received, they are instantly associated with the respective embryo, preventing use of non transferables  embryos.

Inventory & Batch Management

The system has the capability to manage the lab’s inventory, including tracking and assignment of a batch to a treatment. Additionally, it provides alerts for minimum inventory levels and can automatically generate orders to suppliers.

AI Reports

Lab Protector AI reports system understands natural language and generates on-demand and personalized reports.

15. Integration

Lab Protector can be integrated with any EMR system.


Lab Protector’s system is available offline (free standing) or in a cloud. Both options are fully operational.



18. Installation

Installation takes 72 hours. There is no need for any changes to be made to the lab’s equipment.

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